Mistral Motors has always been a byword for excellence, guarantee and confidentiality. Our top car for your entertainment. 
Hiring a Limousine of our range with a driver means to get an extremely efficient and convenient service for the most prestigious destinations, but also for your house parties. 
Our limousine hire Dreams, Emotions, Fancy and…Confirmations. 
The complete availability of modern cars results in Hummer Limousine,Chrysler C300 Limousine, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. A really wide range in order to meet the needs of your journey fully and the effect of your arrival.
There are several destinations: services for companies, advertising, weddings, surprise parties, degree parties, journey and transport from and to airports, nightlife, casinò, birthday parties and every kind of party! 
Verona-based, our main trips reach Verona, Mantua, Brescia, Milan, Venice, Vicenza, Bologna, Reggio Emilia and airports, but we also hire cars all over Italy (islands included) and abroad (to agree at the moment of reservation). 
For further information about the terms and the prices to hire a limousine, please contact us on 045-6702345.

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